வறியார்க்கொன்று ஈவதே ஈகைமற் றெல்லாம்
குறியெதிர்ப்பை நீர துடைத்து- குறள் 221

To give to the destitute is true charity. All other gifts have the nature of a measured return.

If you lend to those from whom you expect to recieve, what credit is that for you?- Luke 6:34

The act of giving or sharing is beneficial to both parties. The benefits the the person recieving is quite obvious. But how is genorosity benifit the giver. I had this conversation very recently with my friend and I was surprised by the number of things gained by sharing our time, finances wisdom etc.

If we look at the more apparent aspects- benefits, popularity, loyalty and acclaim are a few that come to mind. Don’t we often make these the purpose of giving. So many times I have thought ” I have done so much for him/ her and he/she can’t even do this little thing for me”. So though in my mind I had thought I was giving/ sharing, in reality I had just put out a loan and am expecting repayment. All of us are guilty of this at some point. We lose out on so much when we do this.

What happens when we share with someone who can never repay us back. The the act is an end in itself. There seems to be no profit in that for us. But the kural and the Bible seem to strongly recommend that. And science has finally caught on with that age old wisdom. An article from cleaveland clinic states that giving lowers blood pressure, increases self-esteem, reduces depression, lowers stress levels and increases happiness and satisfaction. Hence giving increases the overall life expectancy. I believe in the current scenario of COVID and all the other bad news coming in, we need this.

So let us give freely of our time, love etc and bring that tiny bit of goodness into the world.

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