Knowledge and wisdom

கற்க கசடறக் கற்பவை கற்றபின்
நிற்க அதற்குத் தக. 391

Let a man learn thoroughly whatever he may learn, and let his conduct be worthy of his learning.

But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. James 1:22

We often use knowledge and wisdom interchangeably. But without wisdom, knowledge is pointless. It simply means you are aware of that particular item. But implementing that in real life is a whole other ballgame. For example I know exercise is good and I know all the various benefits of it. But to wake up early and actually doing the said exercise….. So all that knowledge is of no use. This applies to all walks in life.

My boss from 5 yrs ago was an example of a doer. He believed in punctuality, honesty,equality and giving his best. He didnot talk at length about it, didnot put himself on a pedestal for doing any of those. He just DID and in doing so he inspired us all to do the same. There are not many like him.

As Christians, we have a God who loved everyone without judging. Do we do that or do we judge instead of loving. It is not our duty to decide what is right and wrong, but to follow the foremost commandment of all “to love your neighbour as you love yourself”. Having said that we’re only human. The instinct is to categorise everyone as good and bad. It has taken me all these years to realise that just like me everyone has a good side and a bad side. Let us together make a pact today to try and look at the good in evryone and appeal to that side rather than focussing on the bad. Let us see if doing this will change our home or work environment for the better.

If it does change for the better maybe we can call ourselves ” the wise women / men”

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